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The 3 year journey to sales mastery...

Our upcoming certification program dates;

  • Bronze Certification - January 12th (12 weeks)
  • Silver Certification - January 14th (18 weeks)


Ensuring a return on your human capital investments.

We understand that training is an investment in people, and organizations want to know exactly how well that investment is performing. 

Awareness & Knowledge

The first step in any learning and development plan is making sure your team is aware of the expectations, has a basic understanding of the concepts, and can use a common language to articulate the attitudes, behaviors, and techniques necessary for success.


Application of Concepts

The second step is getting your team to apply the newfound concepts on the job and in their own words. Knowing is one thing, but it’s the doing that gets results. Role-plays, ride-a-longs, and job aids can facilitate the transformation of knowledge to customized strategies and tactics.


Skill Building

The next stage includes building a behavioral and training plan to reinforce these new strategies until they become effective skills that can be called upon at any time. Consistent behavior, congruent attitudes, and perfection of techniques lead to long-term sustainable success. 

Mastery-Level Habits

The final stage of learning occurs when these new habits no longer feel “new.” When your team reaches mastery, you will be comfortable that there is ownership, the change is permanent, and everyone is executing the plan as the new standard of performance. 

Sandler Certification Brochure

Learn more about how to ensure your investment results in success.

A documented process of Certification

The Sandler Certification program provides unlimited opportunities for Sandler sales professionals to enhance their sales skills as they advance through the four levels of certification. Upon completion, participants receive appropriate certification for each level.



Bronze level knowledge testing is designed to give participants the foundational understanding of the Sandler Selling System so they can begin to apply it.



The Silver level is designed to ensure that participants who have learned the Sandler strategies can apply them correctly in their specific organizations, roles, and industries.




Gold level certification measures the consistent application of the concepts to build new behaviors and skills. Journaling, coaching, and ride-a-longs ensure accountability for successful implementation. 



The Master level certification ensures that participants sustain behaviors until they become new habits. Participants are required to demonstrate and document in-the-field performance results.


Sandler Certification Training - The Way it Works

How does sales training certification work? Listen as Sandler CEO Dave Mattson explains Sandler's process and the steps you'll take to becoming a certified sales master.

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