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21st Century Prospecting

Learn the most powerful best practices for prospecting in today's market!

This powerful new program will deliver an immediate and measurable impact on your sales pipeline. Master the very latest in multi channel prospecting methods to identify, engage and convert the most ardent skeptics into staunch allies with sales qualified opportunities..

Tired of getting the runaround from gate keepers and fact gatherers who waste your time with the same old stalls and objections.

Uncertain about the best way to get the attention of decision makers when most of your prospects are working from home.

Struggling with the challenge of turning a generic sales pitch into a meaningful conversation that your prospects are fully participating in.

Dissatisfied with the response rate you’re getting from your emails of your your pipeline?


21st Century Prospecting Training Curriculum

21st Century Prospecting is a 12-week program, consisting of weekly 90-minutes live workshops that provides a safe learning laboratory where you can push yourself to new heights and inject new life into your sales pipeline with the worlds most comprehensive and effective prospecting system.

When you partner with us to implement your integrated client centric approach to prospecting, you can expect measurable results in 10 distinct areas:

  • Dealing with your toughest prospecting scenarios: You bring us your toughest prospecting challenges and we will demonstrate live how we apply 21st Century Prospecting techniques to turnaround the most difficult prospects
  • Higher comfort level calling high: Develop a sales readiness tool kit that quickly gives you the expertise to establish credibility at the highest levels. Truly understanding your prospective client (their challenges and their vision) is far more powerful than demonstrating your product knowledge or its wizardry.
  • Weeding out non-buyers earlier: Your time and your company’s resources are extraordinarily valuable! Your prospect must earn them. Facilitate your prospect convincing you early on that their needs are of sufficient importance to justify their commitment to a thorough evaluation of your proposed solution.
  • More effective prospecting: Utilise a fresh, non-traditional approach to capture your prospect’s attention, interest and imagination on the first call
  • Better relationships with prospects and clients: Create a climate of trust and respect through the utilisation of a system where every conversation differentiates you from the stereotypical, I- centred, product centric sales person. Experience the satisfaction of having your clients say, "Not only do I feel listened to me, they truly understand me"
  • More efficient prospecting: Through the proper role and sequence of calls, emails, voicemails and social media in sales Development.
  • Higher activity level per sales rep: "The greatest motivator for a professional sales person is winning." Tom Peters, In Search of Excellence. Fresh new tactics and strategies that really work deliver the kind of wins on a minute-by-minute basis that creates a groundswell of excitement and activity.
  • Deal with objections: Assess your current responses to the most common objections, stalls and put-off’s. Find out how to regain control of a sales call as soon as you realise it’s not going well.
  • Increase confidence: Optimum confidence is attained when feel good about and believe in: (a) yourself (b) your company, and (c) your market. One of the most important benefits of a successful implementation is sustainable improvement in all three areas.
  • More engaged prospects: It’s never a good idea to have all your prospecting eggs in one basket. This is especially true when more people are working from home. If you just rely on only getting their attention with an email, a phone call or via referrals you may be cutting yourself off a rich source of leads. In 21st Century Prospecting you will master of many methods of capturing the attention of your prospects.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the programme take? - it's a 12 week programme, consisting of weekly 90-minute sessions.

How much does the programme cost? - €1500.

What If I miss a session? - Every session is recorded. (We also commence a new prospecting programme regularly and you have full flexibility to join any of the sessions you missed)

Do I get a certification? - You sure do! 

What support do I get? - In addition to the 90-minute live session we also provide a 1-hour of small group coaching to tackle any prospecting issues you care to bring up. 

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