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Sandler Training | Dublin, Ireland

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Leadership Training

Lead your team to success.

It’s lonely at the top.

Sales Managers and other leaders have the toughest job in the organization. You have to build a team and get results through others, and the ultimate responsibility for the success or failure of the mission is on your shoulders.

Leadership Series

Every 2 weeks we host a sales leadership session with a top sales leader. You can attend live and ask the guest questions or watch the recording on our Vimeo channel.

Next session - Predictable Revenue: Identifying accounts looking for your solution w/Latané Conant (CMO @ 6sense) | November 4th

Other future sessions include

  • The role of leadership - from the beginning of a business right through to the post IPO w/Brendan Walsh (VP Sales EMEA @ Mirakl) | November 18th
  • Data is king - How to create a high performance sales team w/Marcus Oulds (CRO @ Yoyo) | November 24thThe road from
  • BDR to a sales leader and what can hold you back w/ Laura Moniz de Aragão (VP Revenue Growth @ Nudge) | December 9th
  • 5 Sales fundamentals to obsess about w/Mike Morgan (SVP Sales @ i-HeartMedia) | December 16th

Email if you'd like to reserve a seat for a future session.


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