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"Go for the NO"? Is "No" a good or bad word in Sales? I used to hate the idea of anyone saying "No" to me. How could that happen? I would spend too much time trying to analyze why it happened and why they did not buy from me. Then I learned to change my mindset.

Years of selling the old fashion way didn't help, then I was taught that I have the right and obligation to say "No". Not only that, but it was up to me to get to "No" before the prospect. I realized I didn't know how. What does it mean to get to "No" before the prospect and how was that going to make me feel any better.

There are three steps to feeling good about getting a "No". The basic premise is that I have to determine if the prospect and I are a fit for each other. Only then can I feel good about walking away from a perceived opportunity. The first step is to determine if the prospect has a need for what I have to sell. Do they have problems that I can solve? But more importantly do they have a deep enough desire to pay me money to solve their problems.

The second step is to determine if they have the commitment in both time and money to solve their problems. Checking for budget is critical. Have you ever found that the prospect that is the most enthusiastic has the least amount of money? Take time to ask about budget.

Finally, understand how everyone makes decisions. Are they the sole decision maker or do they share in the process?

If your prospect has no pain, budget or is not the decision maker, perhaps you can say "No" and feel good about it. Think of the benefits. You save time and have not written a proposal that will result in the dreaded words, "I need to think it over."


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