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Sandler Training | Dublin, Ireland

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Meet Our Sandler Team

We strive to be the best at what we do, and help you to do the same.

Paul Lanigan

An engineer by background, Paul Lanigan is now the Managing Director of Sandler Sales Institute.

Paul Lanigan is a communication expert. Paul entertains as he enlightens, combining colourful personal experiences to give you a fresh, unflinching perspective on the sales process. His unique brand of sales edutainment is generously spiced with humorous and relevant stories garnered during an eventful 17-year sales and sales management career.

He invites audiences to challenge him, and the highlight of his programs is the “no-holds-barred” interaction that results. When the dust settles it’s clear to everyone in the room that Paul can walk the talk.

Prior to Sandler Training:
He holds a Bachelors Degree in Information Technology from Staffordshire University and a BA in Management from Irish Management Institute. Before bringing the Sandler Sales Institute to Ireland, he built and successfully led a pan European Sales Team for Motorola with over $50 million in annual revenues.


"Having been lucky enough to be trained by Paul as a sales rep. I had no hesitation in going to him with an innovative proposition around sales enablement and training. A testament to someones skills and capabilities is when they can tailor their whole approach to meet your own unique needs. With Paul we were able to build a customised year long training plan that enabled us to cover the key aspects of our sales cycle in sympathy to both our own corporate goals and the mix of experience within our sales teams. The feedback I've had from the team is always positive and the attendance (which was not mandatory) to subsequent sessions was very high - always a good indicator! Most importantly though is that we've generated tangible results. Over 8M in new pipeline has been attributed to this programme, our average discounts have been reduced and our win rates are twice as high as they were before. I would have no hesitation in recommending and using Paul again." - Tom Castley - VP EMEA @


"Paul brought a different dynamic to what can be a very process heavy and sometimes unclear training. Through Paul's way of training, he managed to not only deliver the content of what is behind the Sandler training in an informative, effective and detailed manner, but more importantly he kept the room engaged and allowed for the necessary participation from the group allowing for them to become the real owners. Paul is well seasoned in Sales and in his training capacity he is an excellent presenter connecting theory back into particle, real live scenarios that everyone can understand and relate too." - Gerard Murnaghan - GM & VP International @ Sprout Social


"Paul is someone who combines his expertise of sales dynamics with his high personal energy and creates with that high impact training events that are consistently rated as highly useable by the attendees. As training manager it is great to work with Paul because of his creativity, can-do mentality and last but not least his open personality." - Peter Lanting - Director Oracle Sales Academy for EMEA


"I had the pleasure of taking part in numerous training sessions delivered by Paul and I have to say that each one of them was a fantastic experience for me. Time after time Paul has proven that he is an expert in training and coaching and an expert in sales. He knows how to sell, whom to sell and where to sell and he proves it not only by sharing his experiences with sales professionals, but also by selling the method to them! He is an outstanding speaker, inspirational sales professional and a creative and personable mentor. I would like to recommend Paul for any company which is not afraid of helping their people succeed." - Agnieszka Legowik - Global Director, Revenue Enablement @ Pluralsight


"Paul's training combines his years of professional and personal experiences to give a unique perspective on selling in a very energetic, entertaining and interactive way. You don't get to sit and listen at Paul's training - you get involved and learn. The training is effective and the skills thought are lasting - we are 100% bought into the Sandler model, it really works". - Jimmy Kehoe - Head of Vodafone Business Digital Sales.

Rian Lanigan

Having graduated from DIT with a BSc in Tourism Marketing, Rian began working with Sandler Training in 2017. His career began as a marketing executive with Sandler Ireland. Having had the opportunity to give a marketing talk to a room full of other Sandler Franchise owners, Rian decided to set up his own Marketing Agency which focused on the sales industry.

Over the course of the next 3.5 years he built the business to work with Sandler HQ & 28 Franchise owners across the world (Europe, North America, Canada & Asia). In late 2020, Rian returned to Sandler Ireland, this time as a joint partner. He has spent this first 8 months pivoting the business from a traditional corporate in-house training consultancy firm to a leader in delivering both public & private virtual sales training.

Rian also hosts a daily podcast with business leaders across the UK & Ireland. As of June 2021, the podcast broke into the top 10 in the Apple Business podcast charts in both the UK & Ireland.


"I was at a global conference, where over 1300 people attended from all over the world when I heard Rian give a talk. He had captivated the whole audience and was such a pleasure to listen too. It very educational and helpful, but the best part was that it didn't feel that way. Some speaker are able to blend getting the education across and making it incredible to listen too and Rian is one of those speakers. If you are looking for a key note speaker to come in and wow your members or company I would strongly recommend reaching out to Rian." - Ryan Wall.



"Lets cut the BS... Sales trainers need to help you to make more money. They need to translate the jargon and the pretence and give you easily understandable advice that you can implement. This is what Rian does. Also, he is the most innovative mind in the game. SDR struggling? he will bring you the best way to open that account, Sales Manager gone flat, he will reignite the flame. Class act and only ever seen an increase in ££ when hes been onside" - Matt Sedgwick - Founder @ Key Focus Consulting