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Sandler Training | Dublin, Ireland

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Meet Paul Lanigan

Your local Sandler trainer in Dublin, Ireland

An engineer by background, Paul Lanigan is now the Managing Director of Sandler Sales Institute.

Sandler helps executives develop sales strategies and tactics.

Paul Lanigan, Managing Director

Paul Lanigan is a communication expert. Paul entertains as he enlightens, combining colourful personal experiences to give you a fresh, unflinching perspective on the sales process. His unique brand of sales edutainment is generously spiced with humorous and relevant stories garnered during an eventful 17-year sales and sales management career.

He invites audiences to challenge him, and the highlight of his programs is the “no-holds-barred” interaction that results. When the dust settles it’s clear to everyone in the room that Paul can walk the talk.

Prior to Sandler Training

He holds a Bachelors Degree in Information Technology from Staffordshire University and a BA in Management from Irish Management Institute. Before bringing the Sandler Sales Institute to Ireland, he built and successfully led a pan European Sales Team for Motorola with over $50 million in annual revenues.

A selection of comments on Paul's work

"Working with Paul was an excellent experience. Sandler is a great selling system and I highly recommend both Paul and the Sandler Selling System"
- Derek Reilly, Director, Ethical Coatings
"Filled with information and knowledge, but no chance to sit around and just listen. Paul really gets you interested and involved. Money well spent!"
- Mark Rogers, MD, Cipherion
"For anyone looking to maximise their sales & earning potential, they should be working with Paul and apply the Sandler principles. Paul's unique approach and vast experience helps to give an insight into the complete selling process."
- Kenneth McGrath, Nortel Networks
"Paul has a remarkable ability to see inside your head and see how and why you're standing in your own way. His breadth of knowledge within the subjects of business, training, sales and how the human mind works, is amazing. When I'm working on new business, Paul sits on my shoulder." 
- Denis Goodbody, Founder & Director, Adept Creative Facilities
"Paul provides sales training that makes a personal and financial difference from day one"
- Paul Dinan, Manager, Hudson Global