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Maximising Your Exit Potential

September :: 17th @ 8am IST/BST

Investment :: Two hours, live online

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Every Business Owner's Dilemma

  • You're not ready to retire yet but you would like more free time for yourself and your family
  • You'd like to hand over the reins of the business but too much of the operating system of the business is inside your head
  • You know you have work to do to make the business more attractive to potential buyers but you get overwhelmed when you even think about it
  • You may have a sense of where you want to be in a couple of years time.....but you don’t have a defined road map to get there
  • All roads lead to a select few in the company......creating energy sapping bottlenecks
  • You know you should be spending more time working on the business......but the important is constantly displaced by the urgent....

You tell yourself that you want to spend more time working on your create a more robust and scalable that you can hand over or sell but you've had limited success so far. When it comes to preparing your business for it's next phase, it can sometimes feel like you're on a Ferris wheel where every day is like Groundhog Day.....

Chances are your progress is being hampered by one or more of the 13 Blindspots we've identified in working with thousands of SME organisations around the world.

In this workshop you will identify the specific blindspots that are hobbling your efforts to get your company to a state where you can confidently bring in external investors.

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