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Sandler Training | Dublin, Ireland

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LIVE Virtual Sales Training Solutions For You & Your Team

Grow your revenue with a results-driven process

Who Are We?

Founded by Paul Lanigan, Sandler Ireland is the longest-running Sandler Franchise outside North America. We are fortunate to count some of the worlds most admired companies (Oracle, IBM, EMC, Salesforce, L’Oreal, Microsoft, Zendesk, Google, LogMeIn, Twitter, Informatica, Akamai, Computer Associates, Malwarebytes, Sprout Social & BMC Software) as clients.

Leadership Series

Every 2 weeks we host a sales leadership session with a top sales leader. You can submit questions to and listen on any podcast app or watch the recordings on our Vimeo channel.

Next session - The ultimate guide for selling to a CMO w/Latané Conant (CMO @ 6sense) | December 2nd

Organisational Excellence

Designed for CEOs, Business Owners and Managing Directors. This 2-hour interactive session on the blind spots that can kill or seriously damage an otherwise healthy business. This is facilitated by us to help you uncover potential blind spots that could be holding you back. Much like driving a car, you can’t be effective with large, dangerous blind spots all around you.


Management Briefing

Designed for sales managers. This is a 2hr collaborative session, lead by Paul Lanigan, providing insights and practical solutions that will shed light on challenges such as;

  • Recruiting and hiring the best candidates for your team.
  • Understanding and communicating with your salespeople.
  • Conducting effective performance evaluations.
  • Mastering leadership roles such as supervising, training, coaching, and mentoring.
  • Setting goals with your team.
  • Time management and delegation.

Sandler Certification

We run regular certification programmes at all levels. To inquire about a seat on a future programme email with the subject line "Sandler Certification"


Webinars, Short Films & Podcasts

Our Partnerships

Gong - Gong uses AI to deliver the insights and analytics that you need to monitor the adoption of Sandler techniques so you can coach based on the reality of your customer conversations instead of opinions.

Harvard Business School - Our sales training techniques are incorporated into the Harvard Business school’s curriculum.

Crystal Knows - The app that tells you anyone’s personality.

Evernote - Evernote + Sandler combine to provide centralized storage for all your information, including Sandler’s Sales Mastery templates.

Connect & Sell - Spend your valuable pay-time talking to prospects, not dialing and waiting.