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Sandler Training | Dublin, Ireland

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Succeed with Sandler

Sandler teaches you how to break the rules, change the game, and avoid common sales problems altogether.

Who are we?

Founded by Paul Lanigan, Sandler Ireland is the longest-running Sandler Franchise outside North America. We are fortunate to count some of the worlds most admired companies (Oracle, IBM, EMC, Salesforce, L’Oreal, Computer Associates, BMC Software, etc.) as clients.

Crash A Virtual Class

You've completed the Pain step and now you need to discuss money. Sounds easy, right?

There is an art and science to ensuring that you make this transition with your prospect one where any objections are neutralised and your prospect emerges from the process comfortable with paying you a premium for your products and services

Even if you're a Sandler veteran, this is ALL NEW CONTENT that will deliver immediate and devastatingly powerful impact

Organisational Excellence

Designed for business owners to help you determine what, exactly, stands between your company and organizational excellence – and what you can do about it.

Short Films & Videos

Overcoming Rejection

How to Compete and Win Against Powerful Competitors

Our Research Centre

We have partnered with Top Sales World to serve sales leaders who continuously wrestle with challenging issues around performance, technology, and business development strategies.

Our Partnerships

Gong - Gong uses AI to deliver the insights and analytics that you need to monitor the adoption of Sandler techniques so you can coach based on the reality of your customer conversations instead of opinions.

Harvard Business School - Our sales training techniques are incorporated into the Harvard Business school’s curriculum.

Crystal Knows - The app that tells you anyone’s personality.

Evernote - Evernote + Sandler combine to provide centralized storage for all your information, including Sandler’s Sales Mastery templates.

Rians Patreon - helping salespeople succeed at prospecting.
A private community to keep people up to date on the latest prospecting techniques - What works and what doesn't work...


The group was built for 3 reasons; 

1. You're a busy sales/business leader and you want to stay in the loop of what is new (ie - Video prospecting via LinkedIn In-mails)
2. You're a salesperson looking for tips & techniques to stand out, get noticed & promoted - while also building your network of other like-minded people.
3. You own a business and have a marketing associate but don't have the time to train them - this group is your answer.


Monthly Roundtable - Every month I host a 90-minute private zoom call. Each month has a specific theme (Video prospecting, email marketing etc)... 60-minutes is spent on content delivery and 30-minutes is Q&A (Questions sent in prior). - You'll receive a quarterly email with the calendar invite and themes for the following quarter.

Whatsapp Group - Think of it as a forum where you can ask other salespeople questions, share advice and build your network.

e-books/whitepapers - Instant access to a dropbox folder with the regular ebooks & whitepapers that I create. You're guaranteed at least 2 new ones every month.